1. Download SQL developer form:


2. Install java (https://bushwalkers.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/install-java-in-linux-64-bit/)

3.  Unpack SQL developer using rpm command:

$ sudo rpm -Uhv sqldeveloper- (assuming you have downloaded rpm installer)

4. Install Xvfb as ‘root’ user:

$ sudo yum install Xvfb
5. Run sqldeveloper (maintain following sequence):

5.1. Change to root user: $ su – root
5.2 Run xhost as ‘root’ user: # xhost +
5.3 Change to oracle user: # su – oracle
5.4 Export DISPLAY variable: $ export DISPLAY=:0.0
5.5 Go to sql developer installation folder: $ cd /opt/sqldeveloper/
5.6 Invoke run script: $ ./sqldeveloper.sh

6. Enter jdk path when you see a prompt for path: (i.e. /opt/java/jdk1.8.0_25). SQL Developer GUI will automatically launch once correct jdk location is provided.

If everything is good, then you should see similar SQL Developer GUI as below: