As an IT professional, I need to spend long time sitting at my desk and pondering on analysis or writing code.  In previous days, there were no concept of adjustable desk. Now, more people are using these adjustable desks to reduce sitting time. It helps to a certain extent but we need add some more exercise in our daily activity to keep us healthy, happy and productive. Here I will try to mention few exercises and other activity, which have helped me and others to avoid back pain, big tummy, eye burning and more.

  • Walking briskly
  • Run outside (2 km at least), start slowly as it will be hard at the beginning
  • Use stairs instead of elevator
  • Do push up when you can (2 or 3 sets)
  • Drink lots of water, avoid black tea or coffee
  • Listen to your favorite songs to keep your spirit up
  • Visit to library, read some philosophy
  • Spend time with baby or kids. Observe their endless effort to achieve something they like
  • Do some gardening (vegetable or flowers)